En Fuego is an annual Christian Music Festival held in a natural amphitheater in Verbena, Alabama. It is FREE to the public – because we never want anyone to be unable to attend because of money. We rely on sponsors to help us book top bands from the Christian music industry. Attendees will hear the Gospel of Jesus Christ through the music as well as the most effective student communicators in the country. There is ALWAYS an invitation and time of decision at En Fuego. There are counselors on hand to pray, listen, encourage, and assist people throughout the day. Thousands attend each year from all over the Southeast. En Fuego is also a tool for churches to engage people of all ages, but particularly youth, who might not otherwise attend a “church” service.

It all began in 1996 at a small, secluded student retreat in West Alabama, where God birthed a great vision. The speaker at this event was approached by a young girl who told of how she had just asked Jesus into her heart and that she was excited about reentering a very unstable home-life with this Good News. Upon leaving, the Holy Spirit spoke this simple message into the heart of the speaker: "I want to do this again, but bigger." En Fuego was born. This young man immediately contacted one of his closest ministry friends and the same vision was ignited in him. Soon, a team of ministers and lay-people had assembled to make this dream happen. In the fall of 1997, En Fuego was realized.