These are some of the food items that may be available at En Fuego
(This may not be a complete list of food and drink items available. Some items on this list may not be available. Prices subject to change without notice)

Hotdogs $2
Hamburgers $3 – $5
Papa John’s Pizza $2/slice
BBQ Sandwich $7 – $8
Chicken Sandwich – $7
Polish or Italian Sausage – $7 – $8
Nachos $5 – $8
Foot Long Corndog $6
Chicken Finger Basket $7 – $10
Seafood Basket – $12
French Fries $4 – $7
Fried Pickles – $6
Shish-ka-bobs $7 – $8
Roasted Corn $3
Fried Veggies $6
Turkey Leg $9 – $10
Fried Cheese Sticks – $6
Boiled Peanuts – $5
Fried Oreos or Brownies – $6
Soft Serve Ice Cream $3
Apple Dumpling w/Ice Cream – $6
Funnel Cakes $5 – $6
Dippin’ Dots $4 – $8
Shaved Ice $4 – $5
Smoothies $4 – $8
Lemonade $2 – $5
Soft Drinks $2
Bottled Water $2
Gatorade $2 – $3
Tea $2

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